Rogue Racing Project


The Rogue Vision

The Rogue Racing Project was built on the European athletic club model. It serves as a community for endurance athletes who want a social network with their endurance pursuits. The project is a connection point for endurance athletes.

The open source framework of the team creates a place for people who want the flexibility to participate in multiple sports versus the more restrictive nature of sport specific teams - road and mountain biking, triathlon, and running.

The Project is community focused. The goal is to build at a local level to support the local endurance scene. While focused on the local community, the Project concept is flexible enough to spread to other cities to create satellite projects. This builds a bigger community that offers opportunities to connect with other endurance athletes in other regions.

The Project strives to be sponsor agnostic but support local businesses that support the endurance community. The Project will work to find unique ways to promote these businesses while still maintaining its independence.

Project athletes are endurance athletes who compete for the love of sport and not for the money. They train and compete to be the best they can because they love testing their limits.

More importantly, the Rogue Racing Project is what you make of it.

Why Go Rogue


Olivia Jaras, KY State Champion, Time Trial and Cyclocross

I joined Rogue because it was time for a change. I was tired of having to dedicate myself to one specific sport when there are so many other fun activities that I would like to try. I joined Rogue because of the adventurous fun-loving people. I've always been more of a cyclist, but I dabble in triathlons, trail runs and whatever new adventure comes my way. Rogue not only fosters an ideal environment for me to take these adventures by the horns, but it also provides a support network of amazing friends who are very likely join in on the fun!

What I find most fascinating about Rogue Racing Project, is that there is a whole spectrum of athletes that come together for sake of enjoying a healthy lifestyle. We have KY State Cyclo-cross Champions, alongside Ironmen/women, alongside marathon runners, adventure racers, occasional runners/cyclists and weekend warriors. The reason why so many people like myself have chosen Rogue is pretty simple. Rogue is that vibrant source of energy that makes you get up really early when it's dark and cold out to go for a run/ride. Rogue is my support crew. Rogue = motivation.

Brian Segal

Rogue has been the freedom to follow any folly, with others strange enough to tag along. I've been able to train, race and hang out with good friends old and new with the opportunity to find events that run the gamut from hard core road races, short track mtn bike, cyclocross and even epic acts of stupidity.

Unlike a pure cycling team, Rogue allows me to pursue a broad range of ridiculocities and always provides other like minded individuals. Whether it be a road or off road bike race, running race or combination, there always seems to be a willing group of friends eager to dive in, train hard and race like it means everything.

Sherri Thompson, Silver Medal, KY State Cyclocross Championships, CAT 3/4 Masters Women; CAT 4 KY State Road Race Champion

I joined Rogue for a couple of reasons. I knew I wanted to find a team with women that I could learn from and grow with. I did an evaluation ride for another team and they said go race on your own for first season. They wanted to make sure I was serious. So glad they turned me down!
I have found women and men that love to ride, run, swim. Some compete, some don't. There's no pressure from outside sources. We all encourage each other, mentor when there's opportunity. We work hard, go for the gusto and then party at the end of the day. I have learned so much more from this great group of people. My circle of friends has grown tremendously over this inaugural year of Rogue!
Jen Swyers
During a brief romance with a more numbers-focused cycling team, I happened to go for a fifteen-mile run on a crisp winter morning with the Seilers. Marcia and I had met a few months back, but Michael was new to my block.  On our fifth or sixth mile, as the sun was just beginning to cast its first shades of pink, Michael mentioned his desire to start a new kind of team, fashioned on an old-style model of racing + recreation + training + friendship + Guinness (not
necessarily in that order).

"Are you taking members, yet?"
"Well, we haven't actually formed anything yet, but...sure."
"I'm in."
"Ok, then."

As easy as it was to know that Rogue was the team for me, it has been even easier to enjoy being a member of the team.  Our training ranges from hard-core to laid-back, as appropriate.  Our methods involve setting big and small goals, supporting each other in meeting them, being there for each other on big race days, sprinting the heck out of
that final turn, and crossing the finish line with nothing left to give.  Regardless of where we finish, we always celebrate the effort.

Rogue is community and individual growth.  It is a 4:30 a.m. FU-RLY ride and a potluck jamboree.  It is a group of exceptional athletes and recreational racers.  Rogue is balance.  Rogue is a way of life.


Doug Roemer, Silver Medal, KY State Cyclocross Championships, CAT 4 Masters

For me, Rogue offers the opportunity to be a part of a unique kind of athletic team. A team where I can still train, travel, and race with good friends and teammates -- but at my own pace and leisure, in multiple types of speed and endurance events, without the pressures of required training, scheduling, or results. Other teams in the area are sport specific, they require certain levels of group training, race participation, and other commitments, and are often sponsor driven and expect specific results.

My interests range from running sprint and distance events, to multi-sport races of all distances, to obscure events like Cyclocross and urban and adventure racing. Being a part of Rogue Racing allows me to stay in touch with great friends and athletes with similar interests, to train with a group or alone on my own terms for whatever event has most recently caught my interest, and then to race with, cheer for, and support my teammates on race days. Rogue is the best of both worlds, giving me the greatest team experience I could ask for, while still allowing me to make all the planning, training, and race decisions as an individual when needed.

Kelly Kowalczyk, Road Racer, Marathoner, Triathlete

They needed me.

Rogue Friends



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